This recovery is “basically normal if not a bit better than expected” historically speaking says Hassam Nadji in

“History reminds us that a recovery from the simultaneous shocks of a financial crisis and a major recession require significantly more time and stimulus than a cyclical contraction, a process that could extend five to eight years compared to the more typical two- to three-year span following a cyclical recession. The pattern observed thus far since the recovery began is basically normal if not a bit better than expected.”

Remember that 2.5 million of the jobs lost were in construction and financial services (including mortgage origination mills and RMBS/CDO/CDS manufacture) so that returning to the same level of employment in those sectors would imply another bubble formation.

Now on the other handif job creation continues to fall off… See the whole GlobeSt. piece here: Weak Jobs Report Another Bump in Road to Recovery

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