Apartment Building Investors beware: Important changes coming to Oregon landlord-tenant laws.

Cliff Hockley over at Bluestone & Hockley has the details on upcoming changes that apartment building investors should be aware of regarding their Oregon properties. A few bullet points, changes affect:

  • Screening of Section 8 and Section 42 tenants.
  • The establishment of a fund to offset damages caused by Section 8 tenancies.
  • Renter’s insurance can be required but…
  • Limits on tenant screening for evictions and arrest records.
  • Timing of notice periods.
  • Temporary occupancy.
  • Abandonment.
  • Plus: a good definition of ‘Person Crimes.’

Portland Oregon Apartments

See Cliff’s whole report here: A Review of the Legislative Changes to the Oregon Landlord Tenant Act and to Section 8 Tenancies


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