What Gen Y Wants in Apartment homes and How They Find It. New Research via Multi Family Executive

No real new news but good reinforcement on Gen Y prospects and renters:

  • They search using their phones, tablets and laptops so your marketing sites have to be readable by all three.
  • They use social media to check the vibe of your property.
  • They want a good location.
  • More than tanning beds, pools or other amenities they demand reliable wireless connection, cat5 wiring in the walls and cell reception in the unit. If you’ve ever lived somewhere that had bad cell reception you can relate.

If you are acquiring property these last two items should be high on your list. Making sure that your existing property has a consistent web presence is becoming more and more important to attract this growing demographic. Finally, making the wireless connection throughout your property is worth the effort.

See the whole MFE article for the results from two different research studies published this year.

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