Charging apartment building residents for water, sewer AND garbage- the growing trend.

In a study by Dupre+Scott they found a growing number of apartment building investors in the Puget Sound region are charging tenants for water, sewer and garbage which make up can make up a pretty large chunk of operating expenses:

apartment expense for tenant water sewer cost

Two-thirds of the properties we surveyed pass through water and sewer charges to residents, and 50% also pass through garbage costs. The average monthly water/sewer charge in the region ranges from $46 for studios to $70 for three-bedroom units. Adding garbage charges increases costs to $55 for studios and $90 for three bedroom units. Our March Apartment Expense Report found that utility charges paid by residents increased 50% between 2008 and 2012.

apartment building utility bills

Do you or have you considered charging for water and sewer via sub-metering, individual metering or a RUBS system? how about garbage?

apartment building sub metering for tenant utility bills

3 thoughts on “Charging apartment building residents for water, sewer AND garbage- the growing trend.”

    1. In a larger sense it helps reduce energy and water use because residents tend do be good stewards when it’s their own money on the line. I think charging for garbage collection can encourage more use of recycling options too.

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