ULI: Seattle most attractive market for Apartment Building Investment but there are 36,000 units just completed, under way or in the pipeline.

Two quick links- you decide. From the Seattle Times: Urban Land Institute finds Seattle among most attractive real-estate markets and from Dupre + Scott ( The leading Seattle area apartment market research firm): Apartment development pipeline (video)

When I see this:

Seattle apartment building investment market: 36,000 new units

And then I see this:

Who’s hot

The top American real-estate markets for 2013, as ranked by the Urban Land Institute’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate survey. (Compared with its ranking for 2012)

1. San Francisco (3)

2. New York City (4)

3. San Jose, Calif. (7)

4. Austin (2)

5. Houston (8)

6. Boston (5)

7. Seattle (6)

8. Washington, D.C. (1)

9. Dallas/Fort Worth (12)

10. Orange County, Calif. (14)

Urban Land Institute

To me when a market is described as ‘Hot’ and there’s that many new units coming the warning signs are flashing: Apartment Building Investment Cycle top!

How does it look to you?

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