Apartment Loan Rates Continue To Drift Lower- June 2017

The apartment investment loan rates we track have continued their downward trend. In March the 10yr loan (details below) hit 4.92%, the highest its been since February 2014, and has drifted lower since coming in at 4.48% this week. That and the Continue reading Apartment Loan Rates Continue To Drift Lower- June 2017

Treasury rates are up but…

10 year Treasury rates vs. apartment builiding investment loan rates thru July 2015
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For this month’s post on apartment building investment loan rates and the key 10yr Treasury (T10) we’re looking at the longer trend back to the beginning of 2013. The news has been full of talk about rising interest rates but looking at the chart above we can see that while the T10 is up off its recent low of 1.68% in the end of January it’s still more than 50 basis points below the highs it hit in September and December 2013 (2.98% and 3.04% respectively).

In turn the 10 year apartment loan we track has been treading water around the 4.3% mark for the last nine months and essentially it’s back to where it was in early 2013 before the Continue reading Treasury rates are up but…