Apartment Building Investment: People aren’t buying homes anymore but still need shelter.

In the aftermath of the worst housing crisis in a generation, more people are eschewing the American dream of homeownership and embracing apartment rentals in the still-fragile economy.

Apartment Rents Rising as as people in droves stay away from home buying

Surging demand for apartments, particularly by younger consumers, has given a boost to the nation’s apartment landlords. Multifamily properties represent one of the few corners in the commercial real-estate industry where rents are rising rapidly. As such, lenders are giving the green light to multifamily construction projects even as development grinds to a halt in other property sectors.

“People weren’t buying homes anymore, but they still needed shelter,” says Tom Mitchell, the Miller Tabak & Co. analyst who claimed the No. 1 spot in the Best on the Street survey’s real estate category. “This created an imbalance that is still going on, where apartments are still able to raise rents”.

See the whole WSJ article here: Surging demand for apartments Hat tip: Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate

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