Is the Decline in Cap Rates Coming to an End for Apartment Building Investments?

In a piece just out today from Reis Reports says that: “We have seen declining cap rates fueled by a variety of key factors such as declining interest rates, risk-aversion in the wake of the recession with investors training their sights on what they perceive to be a less-risky property type, and the improvement in property fundamentals, especially in the apartment sector.”

Cap rate stabilizing for apartment building investments

But: “With the sale of high-quality assets dominating the marketplace, this has fueled the ongoing disconnect in pricing between buyers and sellers, preventing many assets that are not of the highest quality from trading. With sellers taking their cues from current market statistics, they are being relatively aggressive regarding the prices that they are willing to accept to consummate a transaction. However, frustrated buyers feel that many assets should not command the same premium that the highest-quality assets currently command in the market and consequently buyers are unwilling to pay such vertiginous prices.”

What are you seeing in your markets?


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