How to manage online apartment reviews. From the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference last week.

“People are going to have these conversations with or without you,” Wade Hewitt, vice president, said. “Engagement can really be a difference maker.”

AIM panel discusses apartment reviews and how to manage them.

In addition to steering the conversation about your property, reviews can also be used to see what other communities are doing right. “Use reviews to find out about your competitors and about what people like,” Erica Galos-Alioto, vice president, local, Yelp, said.

Negative reviews can also be useful to property managers. “Every review has some truth,” Patrick Grandinetti, head of real estate, Google, said. “If not, someone wouldn’t have posted it. Getting a bad review is a fact of life… so if you get a bad review, it helps ground you in reality,” he said.

Ultimately the panelists agreed that the most important thing is to engage your residents.

See the whole Multi Housing News article here: AIM Conference Discusses How to Manage Ratings

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