We turn data into decisions by providing these services on a consulting basis:

  • Real Estate Strategy
  • Market Research & Selection
  • Financial Analysis
  • Capital Formation
  • Purchase/Sale Support
  • Due Diligence
  • Financing & Refinancing
  • Asset Management

Our clients include owners and individual, retirement and crowdfunding investors as well as family offices and private equity firms.

We perform the same in-depth research, analysis and strategy development for your properties as a full-time in-house team but on an as needed basis. With our world-wide network of professionals we can assemble an expert team that has local market experience to work verifying the details, modeling deal structures and comparing financing alternatives so that you can make successful property acquisitions and dispositions. Contact us to discuss how we can help you make your next acquisition successful and profitable.

We believe that owning income properties is the best way to preserve wealth and generate dependable cash flow while having inflation protection and appreciation potential. Especially in the current environment, income properties offer a safer alternative for investors seeking current income and principal preservation. We also believe that reducing energy consumption, being wise in our use of materials and recycling benefits everyone.

Our mission is to uncover and deliver superior risk adjusted value in apartment buildings and self-storage facilities for our clients and partners through relationships built on integrity, performance and excellent communications.

Our goal is to provide quality housing and a great living experience for the benefit of our residents, clients and partners.

Ashworth Partners specializes in the acquisition and operation of apartment buildings and self-storage facilities located in select markets of North America. We focus on properties that can produce solid current income and have upside potential through improved energy efficiency, management, marketing and/or repositioning. To find out how you can enjoy the benefits of apartment ownership go to the Apartment Building Investment page.

An outgrowth of our work is the development of an analysis tool to quickly screen income properties to find those that can be acquired with positive cash flow and have additional upside. To learn how to quickly determine whether an income property is worth spending valuable time analyzing for potential investment, go the Dealizer page and put The Dealizer to work for you. Version 5.5 is available now.

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About Giuliana Isaksen, CEO

Ms. Isaksen says: “As a value investor by instinct with a background in construction, finance and technology, I have a passion for providing institutional level real estate research and investment analysis. My heroes have all been in Real Estate, one great-grandfather was an architect in San Francisco, building and owning office and residential buildings.  Another founded a company which owned industrial properties across the US and eventually Europe. My uncle was a land developer who did deals all over the Western US and Canada.”

Ms. Isaksen’s family has also owned apartments and other rental properties in the Western US.  She has been involved in all facets of real estate except as an agent. Giuliana received her CFP in 1988 and worked in finance for several Wall St. firms. Ms. Isaksen has done debt and equity financing, founded and sold a construction company, developed investment analysis software and since 2001 has focused on the acquisition and operation of apartment buildings and self-storage facilities.

Giuliana has regularly spoken on real estate, construction and finance to industry and business groups. Ms. Isaksen has been interviewed by CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and is the author of “The Value Investor’s Guide to Apartments”.